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At Fresh Faced, every patient is welcomed like a friend. Our aim is to provide a warm,

caring environment - where you're educated and empowered to make the best choices for you.

We offer an array of evidence based treatments that work synergistically to provide outstanding results.

Aesthetic medicine is an ever-growing and evolving landscape;

we want to help our clients navigate their journey with confidence.

Fresh Faced is a nurse led clinic, with the core values of:


Patient Advocacy,

Evidence-based science,

Aesthetic Artistry &

Holistic treatment plans

The Clinic is located in the central bayside suburb of St Kilda,

5 min from Melbourne CBD and accessible by a variety of public transport options. 


While working with a cosmetic surgeon, Meriah witnessed the profound positive impact that cosmetic medicine can have on people's lives.  She spent 5 years learning advanced techniques alongside the Melbourne surgeon before moving on to create her own treatment space in 2020. Meriah has a passion for professional development and education, completing a postgraduate certificate in critical care in 2020 at a cutting-edge trauma hospital. She is recognized as a clinical nurse specialist in the field of Cardiology - which is an award for excellent clinical skills and leadership.

As of 2023, she has completed a certificate in skin cancer medicine and is studying an Advanced Clinical nursing Master's degree. 

"I love the art behind facial aesthetics. Coming from a nursing background means I genuinely listen to and care about my patients. I am passionate about providing ethical, excellent experiences within Aesthetic Medicine."


Welcome to the home of positive ageing

Fresh / faced

invest in yourself

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